Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Bouron

Posted by Mark Mamrot

We've been big fans of Jennifer's work for many a year now and her work has featured prominently in our collections. We love her fab colour palettes and fun yet  fashionable designs. 

Jennifer Bouron Art

Here's a recent Q&A we did did with Jennifer:

Your work is fun and colourful. What's inspired your style of illustration?

I’m inspired by nature, I like to see the shapes of the trees in the parks and botanical gardens. I live near the sea, so it’s always nice to have a walk on the dunes and look at the waves, the wild plants, the shells, etc… 
How do you go about choosing your palette?
I’ve always loved to use pink in my illustrations and patterns. This colour makes me happy and calm, and I think it matches with everything! So I always start with a pink, then I add few pastel colours and I contrast them with darker tones like kaki, navy or black. 
Where are you living at the moment? What are your favourite things about this place?
After living in Indonesia for a year and half, I’m back to West of France near the town I grew up. As I said before, I live near the sea, so I love to hear and see the seagulls outside the window, and if I walk 1 minute, I see a lighthouse and the ocean, it’s beautiful! 
Describe your dream weekend!
Having a chai latte at the local coffee shop, and then stopping by the bakery and farmer market to buy bread and some vegetables, cheese, fruits. Going to the park and make a picnic with my partner. And then spending the rest of the afternoon there listening to the birds, talking and playing cards games. 
Any hints about what we can expect from you in the near future?
I have worked on new stationery projects, I’m thinking about ideas for a new picture book, so maybe a new picture book before the end of the year! 


At Monsterthreads, we're excited to be featuring more of Jennifer's work soon!


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