Baby Blankets | Baby Wraps Australia

Wrap your little one up in our adorable range of baby blankets and wraps.  With so many designs to choose from you might end up with more than one.

Baby Blankets come in a range of sizes, shapes, colours and materials - How do you choose the perfect one? Well, you'll probably need a number of blankets of varying types. You might need lighter blankets for daytime covering, and heavier ones to keep baby warm at night. 

Some of our favourite night blankets for warmth include the heavy cotton Indus Designs blankets. 

Receiving blankets tend to be some of the most useful baby blankets to have around your nursery.  These are versatile and can be used for laying your baby on the floor, catching spit up and drool and so many other uses. 

Swaddling blankets are very useful for keeping baby wrapped up and feeling secure. For these it may be nice to get a breathable organic fabric such as the Suki McMaster Bamboo and organic cotton wraps.