Monsterclub - Get Rewards!

Monsterclub is a great way to get rewarded for your loyalty.

You are automatically signed up when you create an account with us on the website. Monsterclub is optimised for smartphones via apple wallet or google wallet for in store use. 


1.  🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏼SIGN UP: 

Only if you haven’t yet signed up in store or online:

You can scan the QR code in store OR go to

If you signed up using the QR code, look out for an account activation email to use your loyalty rewards on our online store - otherwise you may need to use the register link above to activate your online rewards. 


Online - Your points are linked to the email address you signed up with in step 1.  

In Store - Show your phone wallet pass, OR provide your phone number, email or member number to staff and they will find your account. 

Every dollar spent(ex shipping) will get you one point - Easy!

3. 💻 Check into our website to use points online! 

First sign in to our account using the sign-in link on the blue rewards button. If your account is not active you MAY need to activate or register your account(see FAQ below).  

On the rewards tab you will also see your points balance, available offers and other ways to get points! 

To claim an offer online, simply hit the claim button and you’ll receive a discount code to apply to your cart. 

If you don’t use the voucher online, it will still be available to use in store.

4. 🏪 Use your points in store: 

You can use your points in store by simply telling our staff your member number, phone number or email address. They will do the rest. 

A better way to do it is using our Apple and Google Wallet passes. This will allow for staff to scan your card, and you will be easily able to view your points and reward options right on your phone.  

To get your wallet pass:

1. Log into your account on our website using the blue rewards button. 

2. On the blue rewards tab, scroll down and click 'My Rewards Card'. 

3. You will now be able to scan a QR code on your phone to add your points card.

(There is also an email option to have the card link emailed to you. That can be opened on your phone to get your card added to the wallet. ) 

To redeem offers for points in your wallet - 

  1. Open your wallet pass. 
  2. Flip it to the back side. Android this is by clicking the (i) sign, iphone by clicking the on the top right of the screen.

3.Click Check for new offers - 

If you have enough points, there will be an offer available for you. Please note, there can be only one available offer at a time.  

Click the cart to make the offer active!

After you have selected your offer, staff will be able to see and use your active offer(eg. $10 off) when they pull up your loyalty profile. 
Your pass will look like this when you have an active offer:

5. 🤔 FAQ: 


  • How can I update my profile details: A: By logging in to your account online or on the back of your wallet pass. 
  • How can I get more points? A: Besides spending money there are other ways to earn points. These are listed in the blue rewards tab on the website and they include sharing on social media, birthdays, and referrals. 
  • What if I don’t have the pass? You can still use your loyalty account in store and online. In store will just be a little more fiddly. 
  • Can I use the offer together with other discount codes or offers? No - our system doesn’t provide for functionality to use multiple codes together. This may change in future. 
    1. I am trying to log in on the website and the forgotten password function is not working. The website tells me: No account found with that email. A: You will need to register for an online shop account - You may have shopped online previously as a guest rather than an account member. Remember to use the same email to register as you used to sign up to our loyalty program. 


    6. 💌 Contact us: 

     Email us at if you have any further questions!