Monsterclub is a great way to get rewarded for your loyalty. You are automatically signed up when you create an account with us on the website. You can also sign up to monsterclub manually in store by scanning the Monsterclub QR code on your phone. 

Monsterclub is optimised for smartphones via apple wallet or google wallet - the card can be added to your phone wallet and you can then present this to staff in store or use the pass to check your points and rewards. 

With each purchase, you will acquire points. $1 gets you 1 point. We like to keep it simple ;)

Points are also awarded on birthdays, for following us on social media and through referrals of friends.

Points can be redeemed(usually by the customer) for various rewards. Usually these are vouchers. At time of writing there are 2 rewards: 

$10 credit for 100 points

$60 credit for 500 points.

These may change over time. 



After you click on the rewards icon you will see the following:

You can check and redeem available offers, see how to add points and Scrolling down you can access your points card and add it to your phone wallet(recommended - especially if you would like to use your points in store).

To redeem reward codes:

First click Available offers. 


In this example - the customer is eligible for the $10 Credit offer. It will cost the customer 100 points. After they use it the customer will have 64 points remaining. The right hand side picture shows what happens when they click claim.



When you click ‘Your Points Card’ you will see the following:


Clicking the barcode option brings up a QR code which will allow you to add the pass to your phone wallet!

The pass can be emailed to your phone and the attachment can then be opened. 

Alternatively it can be printed out if you don’t want to add the pass to your phone. Bring in the paper pass to store for scanning. 



Now that the pass is on your phone let’s check the back of the pass- The pass is flipped by clicking the little (i) in the bottom right hand corner or ... in the top right corner depending on your phone type:

As you can see, on the back of the pass you can update your profile, and share our website with your friends to get extra referral points after they spend on our store.

Redeeming rewards: 

Offers can also be checked on the back of your wallet pass:

When you've redeemed an offer your wallet pass will now look like this:

You can show this pass in store to redeem your credit.