About Monsterthreads | Art for Everyday

Monsterthreads showcase the work of talented young artists from Australia and around the world on a diverse range of products including tees, raincoats, homewares, stationery and much more!

We believe art should be a central part of our everyday lives - and not just on walls!

A Little History...

The Monsterthreads story starts at the Glebe markets in Sydney in 2007. Founders and life partners Mark and Kaew got together with some very arty friends and designed and printed a batch of tees to sell at the markets. Mark and Kaew who were students at the time had no idea how this idea would grow and grow. 

A couple of years later the first store was opened on King Street in Newtown.  More stores followed over the years allowing us to grow our product collection to what it is now. 

Within our stores we've endeavoured to also hire as many young artists as possible in our store network to support them through their studies, and we've given them a separate income stream designing art for the brand.

One of our favourite things about our brand is that often the person helping you in store is the same person whose art you are buying! 

In 2018 Lance joined the Monsterthreads family as a co-owner and together we've been working on growing our brand into the future.


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