Secrid Mini Wallet Stone Recycled


Secrid Miniwallet Stone Recycled

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The Secrid Slim Wallet is a compact and super-safe wallet which protects your cards from being skimmed. It's based around an aluminium card protector that provides optimum RFID protection for up to 6 of your most important cards.

Inside the Miniwallet you can also store paper money; receipts; business cards and of course more cards!

In total you can fit up to 16 cards in the wallet - 5 to 6 in the card slide protector and 5 in each of the two internal pockets. 

Best of all the cards in the card protector are easy to access - You push the lever on the bottom and the cards inside are forced out and fanned so you can easily see and remove any particular card. 

We like to place our most commonly used pay-pass or public transport card on the bottom - that way you need not fully remove it from the wallet to use it, making transactions fast and simply with a minimum of fiddling around. 

Choose your favourite Mini Wallet from the range of lux leathers available.

Made with love in Holland. 

Height 102mm
Width 65mm
Depth 21mm
Weight 72g
Compositions Leather
Brand Secrid
Colour Stone Recycled

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Secrid Mini Wallet Stone Recycled