Our first print from Mulga the Artist -

Mulga is Sydney based artist; Joel Moore.

He draws beards; animals; zombies  and wacky characters and has a unique style combining  crazy colours overlaid by intricate line work.


Hand screen-printed using quality inks.

Sweatshop free. 

Fabric: Cotton

Colour: Charcoal

An Ode to Barry the Magic Bison

by Mulga

This bison is big; this bison is great

He’s a really nice guy; he’ll be your mate


So this is the way the stories been told

Passed through time and history and generations of old


When young in his life while roaming the plain

He stumbled upon a rainbows tail


This rainbows tail contained a pot of gold

And its magical powers entered his soul


He transformed from brown to many a colour

And his magical powers increased in number


He could fly like a kite and climb like a goat

Run like the wind and float like a boat


He could buzz like a bee and sing like a bird

And he soon became the king of the herd


The End

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Bison by Mulga the artist