Bath Brew - Coffee


A giant teabag for your bath!

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Bath Brew is a remedial & relaxing bath soak, made from natural & organic, mainly local, ingredients.

COFFEE SCRUB & SOAK: awakens your system and energizes your body. While the Coffee invigorates the coconut Oil replenishes.
INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Coffee Arabica, Certified Organic Coconut sugar, Fine Epsom Salt & Coconut Refined Oil.

Where possible, local and organic ingredients have been sourced. Using local & organic produce contributes to a better word, while arelaxed, healthy mind contributes to a positive collective psyche.

Size: 120 x 120 x 15 mm (120g bag)

Origin: Blended by hand using 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. Hand-packed with care in Australia.

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Bath Brew - Coffee

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